St. John's Lodge No. 9

Seattle's Oldest Lodge of Free and Accepted Masons

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Welcome to St. John's Lodge!

As Seattle's oldest Masonic Lodge, St. John's offers a tried and true system to create society leaders and give men working tools to enable positive change around them. This Lodge provides an environment of friendship where men of all trades mentor and help each other grow. This is what Freemasonry is all about.

Our Vision: St. John's Lodge No. 9 will be a recognized Masonic leader in personal growth through association, ritual excellence, education, and charity.

Our meetings are held every 3rd Wednesday of the month. Visitors are always welcome!

Join us for Dinner in February!

Worshipful Master John Louderback invites all members and visiting brethren to join St. John’s for an evening of dinner and Masonic education, Wednesday, February 17. During the tiled meeting, WBro. Joe Oates will lead discussion on the different “flavors” of Masonry in the US. From 1751 to 1813, there were actually two Grand Lodges in England. The difference in “Ancient Free & Accepted Masons” vs “Free & Accepted Masons” jurisdictions go back to a disagreement between these two Grand Lodges at that time.

One group was called the “Moderns,” but was actually the older of the two English Grand Lodges. The other group was called the “Antients,” which became the “Ancients” in AF & AM. Due to this disagreement, the two groups broke into separate Grand Lodges. The disagreement was later healed, but by that time there were Lodges and Grand Lodges all over the United States that were descended from one group or the other, and so each group kept their corresponding initials with which they were formed (which is the reason for which there are small differences within different states’ ritual wording and Grand Lodge bylaws and procedures).

We will be re-visiting a proposed amendment to our bylaws, Article IX Board of Trustees. This follows a review by attorneys Davis, Wright, Tremaine as requested in September. At that time it was agreed that an indemnity clause needed to be added and that an attorney should be asked to review this Article.

Worshipful Master John Louderback invites all members of St. John’s to come out and share in the fellowship and business of St. John’s Lodge No. 9 this month. The business meeting will open at 7:30pm, but good fellowship will be shared beginning around 5:30 prior to the scheduled 6:15pm dinner. Please make your dinner reservations with the secretary at or 206 623-0261 by Friday, February 12th.

St. John's Noble Cause for 2016

Seattle Teachers Autism Symposium

Teachers from Bellingham to Puyallup praised the 2015 Seattle Teachers Autism Symposium conceived, planned, and executed by St. John’s members as an unqualified success. Chairman Bro. Seann Maria reported that while we had fewer teachers actually show up who had preregistered (650 to 700 of 960), solicited and unsolicited comments were very positive. We were blessed with more than enough volunteers for the two days. Our presence helped to build community awareness.

Worshipful Master Russ Johnson was commended for his leadership in creating this event and many thanks go to all who worked on it throughout the year. Brothers at the August stated communication following the symposium voted to advise the Senior Warden and Trustees that it is the sense of the Lodge to again sponsor a STAS for 2016 if fiscally possible.

From the East

A Monthly Column in our Trestle Board Publication

by Worshipful Master John Murray Lauderback

We still have a world full of war, genocide, government-supported terrorism and starvation. The United Nations fails to prevent war, genocide and hold those that commit war crimes accountable. There should not be veto power in the U.N. that allows evil powers to prevail when war crimes are committed. This way out for evildoing needs to be changed. The one must be accountable to the many.

Those that could prevent these crimes yet allow these horrendous atrocities to continue – the United States of America, N.A.T.O., United Nations – are morally bankrupt without response. That is not leadership. It is compliancy if not complicity.

Our inconsistence in foreign policy – to bomb the hell out of a country to win a war, totally destroy what infrastructure that country had, then just leave and say “good luck”? The free world has a moral obligation to maintain support for decades; to allow that country to become more self-reliant and to allow for a democracy to develop. Isolationism does not work for America. We now may send the Marines back to Tripoli, Fallujah, and Bagdad. Would it not have been better to continue a strong American and N.A.T.O. presence? The future war will be much harder and far costlier. This is an unconscionable moral crime to me. The message should have been – we have just begun to fight!

We need a leader that has the courage to put the evil doers in their place – in hell where they belong.

Because of our vacillation in foreign policy, others do not trust or want our country to help. To be honest – we have created a mess in foreign policy that will take far longer to fix than it did to mess it up.

America needs a President to be a strong courageous compassionate leader – with Masonic values – who actually leads the world with action verses sitting back as the world unravels, only to deal with the problems using more rhetoric.

The world is at war – good vs. evil. The free world must take action now!

We Masons need to speak out to demand that world governments take action and be more responsive to the needs of those suffering. Perhaps it is for Masons again to serve that leadership role – love, brotherhood, peace, compassion, the rights of free assembly, free speech, free worship – the rights of freemen and of Freemasons.

May brotherly love prevail and every moral and social virtue cement us and may the God of love and peace delight to dwell with us and bless us. May that leadership begin with you. We will never solve problems without confrontation. We must be courageous, stronger, and morally up to the task.