St. John's Lodge No. 9

Seattle's Oldest Lodge of Free and Accepted Masons

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Welcome to St. John's Lodge!

As Seattle's oldest Masonic Lodge, St. John's offers a tried and true system to create society leaders and give men working tools to enable positive change around them. This Lodge provides an environment of friendship where men of all trades mentor and help each other grow. This is what Freemasonry is all about.

Our Vision: St. John's Lodge No. 9 will be a recognized Masonic leader in personal growth through association, ritual excellence, education, and charity.

Our meetings are held every 3rd Wednesday of the month. Visitors are always welcome!

Join us in October!

Please make your 6:15pm dinner reservations with the secretary at 206 623-0261 or by Friday, July 11, prior to the July 16th meeting. Invite a brother to accompany you to Lodge and bring your Lady!

The evening's schedule is as follows:

Dinner – Guests welcome

1. Menu: stuffed chicken, rice pilaf, vegetable, and salad.
2. No program announced yet

Stated Meeting - tiled

1. Masonic education: Square, Level & Plumb - discussion led by Charles Tupper
2. Brief Business


Kick back, visit, and enjoy a beverage and dessert

From the East

A Monthly Column in our Trestle Board Publication

by Worshipful Master Eric Koteles

This year has been a rollercoaster for me, and I thank you for your vote of confidence and constant support. So far, together we have accomplished so many wonderful things and there are more to come. And while my time is getting closer to serve as a Past Master of St. John’s Lodge No. 9, and after last month celebrating our 154 year anniversary and honoring our Past Masters, I would like to ask you, what makes a Lodge last for 154 years and beyond?

Money? I can tell you 100%, NO!

After being so lucky and blessed to be entrusted as the Master of the Lodge for this year, I can tell you with confidence that I’m certain that our strength and success depends first and foremost on how we take care of each other.

I believe that Masonic education is key for a healthy Lodge, but that is second to what I’ve been calling “Meaningful Fellowship,” and that is to make a conscious effort to care for every single Brother; and it is not hard at all. We just need to ask, “How are you doing?” “Are you doing well?” “Is there anything I or the Lodge can do for you?” Trust me when I tell you that just being able to unload our problems on an attentive ear works wonders for the heart and soul.

Caring sincerely for each other will always be the foundation of a healthy Lodge, the rest will just fall into place. But you are the only one that decides to reach out or not. It is truly a disservice if the only time a Brother that hasn’t attended our meetings for a while is reached by us only because he has not paid his dues; if a brother fails to attend Lodge without letting us know the reason, we should be calling him and making sure he is OK. I know that many Brothers who are busy with their family and professional life can’t attend Lodge for long periods of time. To you, I ask why not send an email or a letter to the Lodge letting us know your adventures, successes and struggles and what have you learned from them? There is never too much light to share, trust me.

But again, it is of your own free will and accord to reach out; nobody will make that decision for you. So I ask my brethren, “How are we going to make sure we last another 154 years?” “Who is responsible for that to happen?” and “What are you prepared to do?”