St. John's Lodge No. 9

Seattle's Oldest Lodge of Free and Accepted Masons

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Welcome to St. John's Lodge!

As Seattle's oldest Masonic Lodge, St. John's offers a tried and true system to create society leaders and give men working tools to enable positive change around them. This Lodge provides an environment of friendship where men of all trades mentor and help each other grow. This is what Freemasonry is all about.

Our Vision: St. John's Lodge No. 9 will be a recognized Masonic leader in personal growth through association, ritual excellence, education, and charity.

Our meetings are held every 3rd Wednesday of the month. Visitors are always welcome!

Join Us in May!

Please make your dinner reservations with the secretary at 206 623-0261 by Friday, April 15, prior to the meeting. If you need a ride, the secretary will be happy to find one for you. Do you know of a brother who has not attended Lodge in a while? Call him and ask if you can pick him up and bring him to Lodge.

The evening's schedule is as follows:

Dinner – Guests Welcome

1. Menu: white bean and basil soup; stuffed pork loin w/ mushroom couscous, pan sauce and asparagus; cheesecake w/fresh berries dessert (allergies, vegetarian? Let us know a week before.)
2. Happy 90th birthday for David Campbell
3. Announcements

Stated Meeting - tiled

1. Committee reports; open business
2. Masonic education: Nigerian Freemasonry


Kick back, visit, and enjoy a beverage and dessert

St. John's Noble Cause for 2016

Seattle Teachers Autism Symposium

Teachers from Bellingham to Puyallup praised the 2015 Seattle Teachers Autism Symposium conceived, planned, and executed by St. John’s members as an unqualified success. Chairman Bro. Seann Maria reported that while we had fewer teachers actually show up who had preregistered (650 to 700 of 960), solicited and unsolicited comments were very positive. We were blessed with more than enough volunteers for the two days. Our presence helped to build community awareness.

Worshipful Master Russ Johnson was commended for his leadership in creating this event and many thanks go to all who worked on it throughout the year. Brothers at the August stated communication following the symposium voted to advise the Senior Warden and Trustees that it is the sense of the Lodge to again sponsor a STAS for 2016 if fiscally possible.

From the East

A Monthly Column in our Trestle Board Publication

by Worshipful Master John Murray Louderback

The first day of May brought our family from St. John’s to our annual Fabulous Family Brunch.

Wow! What a time we had. This year we enjoyed the smorgasbord at Ivar’s Salmon House – all costs paid by the Lodge. It was a great honor to provide six widows pins to symbolize our continued concern and honor for the widows of a Brother Master Mason. The Masonic Widows Pin was created with the hope that it would be worn by the widow of a Master Mason on all appropriate occasions, especially when traveling, so that she may be recognized, greeted, and assisted when necessary by Masonic friends throughout the world. It is an emblem of honor which may be worn with great pride. These strong, courageous and loving women are part of the man that was their husband – a Master Mason. Our appreciation for the ladies in our lives – thank you for your support and love that sustains us!

Last month we were honored in Lodge by having the official visit from the District 5 Deputy of the Grand Master of Washington Masons - VWBro. Sam Ali. We also had the honor to present a sixty-year Mason recognition pin award to Bro. Harry L. Arthur, and a fifty year pin to VWBro. Charles R. Brockway. Thank you Brothers for your long years of service to Masonry!

Our Lodge is presenting for the second year the Seattle Teachers Autism Awareness symposium. The symposium will be held in Kane Hall at the University of Washington July 27-28 and August 17-18. Teachers can go on line to register. St. John’s pays all costs except parking and continuing education credits.

St John’s is going to visit historic Alexandria and Washington D.C. This guided tour September 10 – 17 is an awesome educational opportunity and is open to any Mason or family member. Sixteen have signed up so far. Hurry – the deposit is due this month! St. John’s has set aside funds to be divided among members to help defray costs.

I would like to remind Brother Masons that the degrees of Masonry only teach the basics of our Craft. Masonry cannot teach you to be more spiritually connected to God our creator. That is for the individual to do for himself through long hours of prayer, meditation, and personal reflection. The true work of Masonry is not in the other man but in our own inner work.