St. John's Lodge No. 9

Seattle's Oldest Lodge of Free and Accepted Masons

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Welcome to St. John's Lodge!

As Seattle's oldest Masonic Lodge, St. John's offers a tried and true system to create society leaders and give men working tools to enable positive change around them. This Lodge provides an environment of friendship where men of all trades mentor and help each other grow. This is what Freemasonry is all about.

Our Vision: St. John's Lodge No. 9 will be a recognized Masonic leader in personal growth through association, ritual excellence, education, and charity.

Our meetings are held every 3rd Wednesday of the month. Visitors are always welcome!

Join us in September!

Please make your 6:15pm dinner reservations with the secretary at 206 623-0261 or by Friday, July 11, prior to the July 16th meeting. Invite a brother to accompany you to Lodge and bring your Lady!

The evening's schedule is as follows:

Dinner – Guests welcome

1. Menu: TBD
2. Introduction and announcements

Stated Meeting - tiled

2. Brief Business


Kick back, visit, and enjoy a beverage and dessert

From the East

A Monthly Column in our Trestle Board Publication

by Worshipful Master Eric Koteles

A couple of days ago I received the great news that the proposed changes to our bylaws were approved and signed by our Grand Master Sam Roberts. This makes me really happy because we are not only putting in place tools to encourage participation but also these same tools make us directly responsible for creating and delivering the best Masonic experience to our Brothers through meaningful fellowship and Masonic education programs.

This whole process has been very enlightening to me, because I understand that change for some can be hard. I realize that change just for change itself is irresponsible and negative, but as Freemasons we understand that everything has a natural cycle, and change is necessary to evolve. The changes that we have made and will continue to introduce in our Lodge are necessary for our need to evolve so we don’t become obsolete and irrelevant. Yes, it is true that we have traditions that we must conserve and protect, but also we need to be aware that if we are not careful and watchful bad habits (another kind of Cowan) can become “traditions” that are negative. Nobody remembers how or why they started, but “they’ve always been there.”

As we continue evolving I would be delusional if I believed the changes implemented today will be standing in 15 or 20 years; of course not. If they were to remain unchanged, I would be very sad, because it means that we became lazy and complacent. It is our obligation to constantly review our processes, to discard what is not efficient and to keep and renew what is; making sure that everyone is involved. Every Brother’s opinion is important.

Which brings me to my last point. If we are not involved in our Lodge then there is no progress, no evolution, no growth. We stagnate and become obsolete and irrelevant and as I have mentioned and will continue to do so, every one of us is responsible for our progress and we are not doing this alone.