Our Lodge

Welcome to St. John’s Lodge!

Chartered on September 4, 1860.

As Seattle’s oldest Masonic Lodge (discover our history), St. John’s offers a tried and true system to create community leaders and give men working tools to enable positive change around them. This Lodge provides an environment of friendship where men of all trades mentor and help each other grow. This is what Freemasonry is all about.

Our Vision

St. John’s Lodge No. 9 will be a recognized Masonic leader in personal growth through association, ritual excellence, education, and charity.

Our Meetings

Our meetings are held every 3rd Wednesday of the month. All Freemasons are welcome, non-Mason visitors are always welcome for dinner!

Seann P. Maria

Seann P. Maria

158th WM of St. John’s No. 9
for the year 2018

Our Officers

Brother Jeff R. Hawley Senior Warden
Brother Blair J. Neumann Junior Warden
VW Brother James R. Maher Treasurer
VW Brother James F. Russell Secretary
Brother Robert F. Sluder Chaplain
Brother Neil P. Quinn Marshal
W Brother K. Eric Koteles Senior Deacon
W Brother Jeffrey L. Pullen Junior Deacon
VW Brother S. Ashley Brinkley Senior Steward
W Brother John M. Louderback Junior Steward
W Brother Adam J. Creighton Musician
W Brother Terry A. Grove Tyler

Board of Trustees

W Brother Hans U. Wehl Trustee 2018
W Brother K. Eric Koteles Trustee 2019
VW Brother Charles R. Brockway Trustee 2020