St. John's Lodge

Freemasonry Around the World: Czechia

Freemasonry Around the World: Czechia Author: WB Seann Maria. First published on the Blog of The Grand Lodge of Washington website Czechia or the Czech Republic, as it is more commonly known in the United States, is a country many times divided. Like so many countries in this part of Europe it has been a part of an Empire and has had many names. The Celts were once its early settlers, later...

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Past Masters: Join Us for Our PMs Brunch

Past Masters Enjoy Brunch and Friendly Gathering 4 Times a Year. They’re not Knights at a Round Table, but there’s still something special about getting together for friendship and brotherhood around the table at Jimmy’s on Broadway. On the last Saturday of January, April, July, and October Past Masters (and affiliated Past Masters) of St. John’s enjoy a late breakfast, gentle ribbing, and occasional serious conversation. It may be about their...

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